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How to hang your canvas print perfectly – every time.

How to hang your canvas print perfectly – every time.

Please tell me it's not just me who does this…

You're redecorating, finally found the canvas print of your dreams for that empty space on the wall, and it arrives.

You excitedly unwrap your new masterpiece and admire it for a moment, taking in the picture's colours and design.

You're rapt.

You've made the perfect decision, and you know this canvas wall art will look amazing in your space.

But then it hits you.

You've got to hang it up.

The nerves kick in as you don't want to mess this up.

The last thing you need is a crooked piece of canvas wall art or multiple 'oops' holes in your wall from failed attempts.


But don't fear…

Once you learn the art of hanging your canvas print, you'll get it perfect – every time – I guarantee it!

Here's how.

Gather everything you need to hang your canvas wall print first

Your print won't hang itself (wouldn't that make it easier!), so you'll need to gather the tools you need to get your canvas wall print up on your wall.

To get it 100% perfect, you'll need a:

  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Hanger of your choice (picture hooks or adhesive hooks)

If you're renting a property or don't want to poke holes in your wall, adhesive hooks are a brilliant alternative to a picture hook pushed into your wall.

HINT: Picture hooks are not all equal! Make sure you get a hook that will hold the weight of your canvas wall art. And if your picture is bigger, consider using 2 hooks to help your print sit neatly on your wall.

Choose the spot for your gorgeous canvas wall art

You've probably already decided where you want to hang your canvas wall art, but here are some tips:

  • Hold the picture up in the spot you've chosen (eye level works best)
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight or fluorescent lights, as they may fade your print
  • Ask someone to hold it up for you as you stand back – look at how it fits in the space and shuffle it around until you've got the perfect spot

If you're hanging your canvas wall print on a blank wall (e.g., nothing below it), aim for eye level for maximum impact. However, if you're hanging it above furniture, here's what to do.

  • Find the central point vertically above the item of furniture (a desk, sofa, bed, hall table etc.)
  • To do this, measure the distance from the top of the furniture to the ceiling and leave the same gap on either side (i.e. the measurement should be the same from the top of the furniture to the bottom of the print, as it is from the top of the print to the ceiling)
  • If you're positioning it to match horizontally (e.g. above a bed), make sure the distance is the same on the left and right sides

HINT: It's recommended that the size of your print should be around 10-20cm smaller (on each side) than the width of the furniture you're hanging it over.

Now you're ready to hang your canvas wall print (be brave – you've got this!)

Now you've chosen the perfect location and know precisely how you will position it; it's time to get hanging!

Here are the 9 steps to perfecting the art of hanging your canvas wall art:

  1. Hold your picture up in the prime position.

  2. Make a small dot on the wall above the top corners of your canvas wall print using your pencil.

  3. Turn your canvas print over, gently pull the hanging string down (like it would be hanging on a hook) and measure the distance to the top of your frame (make a note as you'll need to remember this). This is your anchor point (i.e. where you'll put your hook).

  4. Using the 2 corner dots you made on the wall, measure the distance between them and dot the central point with your pencil.

  5. From the central point you've dotted on your wall, measure down your wall the distance for your anchor hook (i.e. that measurement you took from the string to the top of the frame). Dot that spot with your pencil.

  6. Choose your hook, considering the weight of the canvas wall print and the material you're knocking the hook into (unless you're using adhesive hooks). You'll find hooks have specific uses (plaster, masonry, timber etc.).

  7. Push the hook into the wall (you may need a gentle hammer) or follow the instructions to use an adhesive hook (remember that you may need to leave this for an hour or so before hanging your canvas print for the adhesive to stick properly).

  8. Gently position your canvas wall print over the hook using the hanging string. You can use your eyes to move it left or right to make it perfectly centred on the hook, or grab a level, place it on top of the frame and gently move the corners up and down until the little bubble is centred.

  9. Stand back, admire your gorgeous canvas wall print and be proud!

If your canvas wall print is large or heavy…

You'll need someone to help with your measuring, holding and positioning.

The above 9 steps still apply; however, you'll need to consider the following:

  • You may need to find the studs in your wall using a stud finder
  • You may need 2 anchor points
  • If both anchor points can't be secured into a wall stud, you can opt to revert to 1 anchor point, but for either option:
    • Make sure it's strong enough to hold the weight of the canvas print
    • Make sure your anchor point won't rip out by:
      • Choosing a heavy-duty adhesive hook or
      • Finding the right hook for your wall (e.g. plaster plugs)

Hint: If you're ever in doubt, please ask your local hardware shop for their advice. The last thing you want is your gorgeous canvas print ripping off the wall, damaging it and leaving holes you need to repair.

Here's some inspiration for hanging your canvas wall prints

And there you have it – how to perfectly hang your canvas wall print every time!

You've got this!

I've been hanging canvas wall prints around my house (and being the go-to for my friends and family) for a while now.

While it was hugely daunting at first (I couldn't display my own prints wrong – that'll be so bad!), I've perfected the art of hanging canvas wall prints using the above steps.

And I hope you've now got the confidence to do it too.

I'd love to see your photos when you're done – feel free to tag me on Insta.

And if you're looking to buy more canvas prints for your home, you can check out my artwork here.

Remember, the more you hang, the easier it gets!

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