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How to make a grand entrance with canvas wall art

How to make a grand entrance with canvas wall art

Have you ever felt this?

You've walked into your friend's home, and you're instantly blown away. It's warm and welcoming, and you feel like you've just stepped through the doors of something straight out of a home magazine.

You embrace and say hi before your eyes start to dart around the hallway taking in the magical first impression this home leaves on you.

Enjoying that you're distracted by their home styling efforts, your friend smiles as she takes you by the arm to lead you through the hall for a coffee in the kitchen. As you settle onto a stool, you ask what her secret is.

'It's finding my style, adding in my personality and making my home my haven', she says.

You arrive home later that day, walk through your front door and stop.

You've never noticed how plain your walls are.

You want that warm first impression and wow factor.

Here's an easy way to get started.

Determine your entrance hallway sweet spot for your canvas wall art

Your mission with an entrance hallway is to captivate your guests.

You want them gushing - 'Wow, this is stunning'.

One of the best ways to do this is by strategically hanging an eye-catching canvas wall print. 

Try these 2 quick steps:

  1. Go outside, then walk through your front door like you've arrived home.
  2. Which wall do you see first, or where do your eyes naturally glance?

If your eyes are attracted to this space, chances are it's also the first place your guests will look.

This is your sweet spot and the perfect place to hang artwork.

You want this space to pop and sparkle with your personality.

But how?

Find your vibe to choose the perfect canvas wall art for a grand entrance

You need to find your artistic vibe. What embraces your unique style and the feel you want your home to elude?

Finding your vibe comes down to the:

  • Colours you choose to set the mood
  • Style you like (modern, contemporary, boho, neutral etc.)
  • Added statement pieces or furniture you add to complete the look
  • Space you have to play with

Get inspired by reading design blogs, buying home magazines, or popping onto Insta or Etsy to see all the latest trends. You can also read my handy guide to choosing colours and styles here.

But ultimately, do what feels right for you and let your personality shine bright to create your unique happy haven.

Moodboard Haven Prints Entry

Image by Haven Prints on Style Sourcebook

Create the focal point of your entrance hallway using canvas wall art

Once you've found your sweet spot and your vibe, it's time to create your hallway focal point using canvas wall art.

Whether you're choosing one statement piece or creating a gallery wall, the first step is colour matching.

Choose prints that align with your existing colour schemes (unless you're totally inspired and repainting too!). If you're lucky and have neutral walls, you're in the prime position as you've got a blank slate to work with.

You can choose whether you'd prefer a:

  • Vibrant, colourful canvas print that is bold and bright and speaks for itself
  • Calm and tranquil print that creates a peaceful, relaxing environment or
  • Neutral piece that you can style up with accessories, plants, candles etc.

Once you've settled on a colour scheme, think about the style of artwork that speaks to you. Do you love abstract art that's fun and quirky, or would you prefer a more realistic piece that oozes tranquillity?

And finally, once you've settled on your colour scheme and style, you can choose your size.

Measure, measure and measure again!

Remember to allow enough wall space around your canvas print to make it the standout focal piece intended for this area. Too small, and it'll be lost. Too big, and it'll be overwhelming.

Your canvas print is the key to creating the best first impression with its 'wow' factor.    

Style up your entrance hallway canvas print with home decor items

Using your canvas wall art as your inspiration, you're now ready for the finishing touches to create the entrance hallway of your dreams.

Here are some ideas:

  • Place a hall table under your artwork and adorn it with a vase and flowers or candles in a matching colour tone
  • Play with texture by having some long reeds, branches, or flowers extending from the vase towards your painting to draw the eye up
  • Use lighting to shine upon your artwork so it becomes the star of the show
  • For smaller entrance hallways, swap a table for a statement chair or tall vase that draws your eye towards your feature piece

Make An Entrance - Moodboard Canvas Prints

Image by Haven Prints on Style Sourcebook

Have fun decorating with canvas wall prints!

Home decorating should be fun! It's about finding your unique vibe and rolling with it.

Once you've perfected your entrance hallway, you'll be inspired to continue your journey and restyle your rooms. Be careful; it's addictive!

You'll be surprised how one piece of beautiful wall art can magically transform your space and inspire you to get your style vibe flowing.

Give yourself a project and start now!

Walk out your front door, come back inside and pause for a moment. If you're not in love with the space, check out my artwork here for some inspiration.

I'd love to help you transform your entrance hallway into a space you're proud to come home to.

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