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Canvas wall art for living rooms

The ultimate guide to decorating your living room with canvas wall art

The ultimate guide to decorating your living room with canvas wall art  

We recently discovered how to style your entrance hall using canvas wall art, so today, let's continue our journey down the passageway to your living room.

If you're anything like me, your living room will be the heart and soul of your home.

It's where you gather with your family at night to watch TV, curl up with a good book for some downtime, or spend countless hours chatting with your friends about anything and everything.

Sound familiar?

And because we spend countless hours in our living rooms, it's a space we want to have that 'wow' factor.

You want people to walk in and think, 'What a beautiful space – I could spend hours relaxing here'.

So, how do you transform your living room to create a stunning, tranquil haven people will gush over?

By using canvas wall art!

Let's get your creative juices flowing.

How to get started using canvas wall art for your living room

Take a moment to sit in your favourite spot in your living room.

Look around.

Do your eyes naturally look at a particular place in the room?

Perhaps it's above a TV unit, a sideboard, a large blank wall or a mantelpiece.

If your eyes go here, your guests will too, so it's a great spot to hang your canvas wall art.

Now consider the light.

Is it away from damaging UV through a window or fluorescent lights (you don't want this)?

Does natural light or your downlights gently shine upon it to make it a focal point (you want this)?

This space is called your sweet spot!

With that sorted, it's time to choose the perfect size of your canvas wall art for your living room.

I can't emphasise enough to measure your space. Do it a few times to get it right if you need to. There's no such thing as over-measuring!

You want enough wall space around your canvas print to make it a focal point without the print getting lost (if it's too small) or overwhelming (if it's too big).

Display your personality through your canvas wall art in your living room

You've found where you want to hang your canvas wall art in your living room. Now, it's time to display your personality.

What do you like?

You spend so much time in your living room that it needs to be you! Your taste, your style, your uniqueness.

To find your vibe, think about:

  • The colours you want to set the room's mood – will they be neutral and tranquil or bold and loud?
  • The style of canvas wall prints you love – modern, boho, abstract, neutral, etc.
  • Will it fit your current colour scheme, or are you creating a unique room?
  • Whether you will choose a big piece or create a gallery wall.

If you're not feeling very artistic or unsure what colours and styles match your style, hop onto Insta or Etsy to see what's trending. You can also read my handy guide here.

Always remember – this is about you and your living space. Listen to your heart and do what feels right for you.

Top 5 tips for using canvas wall art in your living room

Make your canvas wall art a focal point of your living room

I'm a big believer that canvas wall art should be the focal point of any room, so hang it in that sweet spot you found. When people walk in and see your artwork, you’ll achieve that ‘wow’ factor you’ve always wanted. You can read my guide on how to hang your canvas wall prints here.

Hang your canvas wall art in your living room creatively

You can always have more than one piece of canvas wall art! The beauty of canvas wall art is that they're relatively lightweight, so you can easily swap them around to suit your moods and the seasons. You may choose one larger piece or hang smaller ones to create a gallery-style wall.

Let your canvas wall art be freestanding in your living room

Canvas wall art doesn't always need to be up on your wall. Get creative! Take a moment to look at your living room. Do you have a mantelpiece, sideboard or shelves that you could sit your canvas wall print on? Sitting your artwork on flat surfaces is a great way to avoid poking holes in your wall (which is brilliant if you’re renting).

Keep your canvas wall art at eye level

Canvas wall art in living rooms looks spectacular when hung at your natural eye level. It creates an instant attention grabber as eyes will naturally be drawn to it. You don't want your guest straining their necks to view your masterpiece (or worse – missing it altogether), but walking into your living room and saying, 'That looks amazing!'.

Use your canvas wall art to style the rest of your living room

Once you've chosen your canvas wall art (the style, the colours, the look), you can use this focal point to style the rest of your living room. Use vases (tall or short) with floral displays to draw more attention to the area. Style up your sideboards with candles, books and ornaments, using taller statement pieces to draw your eye towards your artwork.

Now's the perfect time to freshen up your living room with canvas wall art

I adore it when winter changes into spring. Don’t you?

Who can ignore that the days start getting longer, the air is warmer, the sun is shining – it's a much happier feeling!

I love this time of year as I get into my spring cleaning/redecorating mode. I can switch up my spaces with cheerful colours that reflect this gorgeous time of the year.

With many of my canvas wall prints inspired by nature, they're the perfect springtime addition to spruce up your living room. You can check out my designs here.

If you've used canvas wall art to give your living room the 'wow' factor (especially my pieces!), I'd love for you to share with our community by tagging me on Insta.

And always remember…

Be creative and choose your canvas wall art to reflect your unique style and personality.

Let the artwork choose you – you'll know what I mean when you see your perfect piece!

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