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Paint Your World: Colour Psychology in Art and Interior Design

Paint Your World: Colour Psychology in Art and Interior Design

Ever sat in a room and felt your spirit deflate, not sure why? Or caught a glimpse of a painting and been filled with an inexplicable sense of joy? Who's the invisible puppeteer tugging at your emotional strings? Well, folks, meet the world of colour psychology!

Colour psychology? Sounds like some cryptic sorcery, doesn't it? But rest easy, there won't be a pop quiz at the end of this. We're just about to take a leisurely stroll into the vibrant world of colours and how they tune into our moods like an old radio - sometimes static, sometimes harmonious.

Riding the Rainbow

Now, before you get your knickers in a twist thinking about how you can't even match your socks correctly, let me reassure you that there's no need to panic. 
Let's break it down:

Red: The firecracker of colours. Think of red as attention-seeking, all about energy and passion but handle with care!

Blue: The yoga master of colours, blue is all about tranquility. Want a room that whispers "Relax, you got this"? Dial B for Blue.


Photo by Mathilde Normandeau on Unsplash

Yellow: If colours had a class clown, it would be yellow. A dollop of yellow is like injecting sunshine into your room - instant happiness on tap!

Photo by Mathilde Normandeau on Unsplash

Green: If blue is the yoga master, green is the meditating monk. It's nature in a can - calm, balanced and harmonious.


Photo by Ben Maguire on Unsplash

Purple: The drama queen of colours, purple screams luxury, ambition, and creativity.

Colour Me Happy (Or Sad, Or Calm, Or Inspired)

As an article on 99designs explains, with this knowledge, you can play puppeteer with your own moods. Want to inspire cheer in your kitchen? Slap on some yellow! Need an oasis of calm to meditate? You can't go wrong with green.

Artists are already in on this secret. Each stroke of colour on their canvas is a note in the symphony of emotions they're playing. A melancholic scene in shades of blue can wrap around you like a cosy blanket on a cold day, while an exuberant splash of red can kick your adrenaline into gear faster than a triple espresso!

Your Home, Your Canvas

Take a moment and look around your home. The colours you see around your home are a reflection of your emotional state and your personality, according to a study published in Sage Journals.

Your favourite colour? That's not just a hue; it's a direct hotline to your emotional and psychological needs. Love red? You're probably energetic and passionate.

Prefer green? You're likely someone who craves balance and tranquillity. But remember, these aren't hard and fast rules.

They're more like the Pirate's Code - guidelines, really. So, armed with your paintbrush (or if you're like me, a roller because who has time for finesse?), I implore you to paint your canvas with all the colours of your emotions. Just maybe, avoid painting your dining room red if you don't want your dinner parties to turn into lively debates about the latest reality TV show.

The Go-To Colour Conundrum

Now, if I were a betting person (which I'm not) I'd wager you've got a favourite colour. That hue you gravitate towards when you're eyeing those plush cushions in the home decor store or that shade which pops up repeatedly in your wardrobe.

You know what I'm talking about! That favourite colour of yours, it's more than just a hue you fancy. It's a mirror into your soul! Yes, you heard that right. Let's get a bit philosophical for a moment.

Love blues? You're likely someone who finds solace in tranquillity and peace. An avid green lover? Well, hello there, nature enthusiast!

Now, don't take these associations as gospel. They're just pointers, tiny whispers nudging you to listen and respond to your emotional needs.

A Palette of Possibilities

As we stroll towards the end of our colourful journey, let's revisit the wisdom we've gathered. Colours aren't just about aesthetics or following the latest trend splashed across 'Better Homes and Galleries' magazine. They're powerful tools that evoke feelings and set the mood. Imagine yourself as an artist, with your home as your canvas.

Each room is a blank space waiting for you to breathe life into it. A stroke of green here, a splash of yellow there, maybe a dramatic dash of red somewhere - each colour you pick is another word in the story you're telling.

And if you're like me, forever unsure about whether to go for the 'Eggshell' or 'Ivory' white (I mean, they look the same to my untrained eye!), don't fret. Choosing colours for your home is a personal journey. You don't have to rush it.

In the End, It's All About You

Your home should reflect who you are, a place where you can truly be yourself. So, don't be shy about painting your world with colours that make you happy. Remember, the colour wheel is your playground. Explore. Experiment.

Discover what hues spark joy in your heart. Whether you decide to deck your walls with artful splashes of vibrant hues or opt for a calming monochrome palette, remember the most important rule of colour psychology: it’s all about how it makes you feel. So, as we part ways at the end of this colourful article, I’ll leave you with one last question.

What's your go-to colour and why?

Is it the calming blue that reminds you of the vast, limitless sky? Or the earthy green that echoes the tranquillity of nature? Or perhaps, like me, you're a sucker for a bold red, the colour of passion and energy that can make even a Monday morning feel exciting.

Whatever your colour, wear it with pride. After all, this is your canvas. Your story. Paint it with all the heart and joy you can muster!


Cover Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

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