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Nursery Wall Art: What to look for designing your perfect nursery -Haven-Prints

Nursery Wall Art: What to look for designing your perfect nursery

If you're like most new mums, you want to make your baby's nursery as beautiful and special as possible.

One way to do that is by selecting the perfect wall art for the room. But how do you know which piece is right for your little one? There are so many adorable options to adorn your kids bedroom walls from art prints, to hand-painted canvas, removable peel and stick decals, to custom-made wooden name signs.

When it comes to wall art, there is a range of things you'll want to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect nursery prints for your baby.

Tip 1: Choose a theme for your baby's walls.

Nursery with white chair, framed fawn picture

Photo Credit: @havenprints_au via IG

The first thing you'll want to consider is the overall theme or feel of the room.

You'll want to choose wall art that fits with your décor. For example, if your nursery has a woodland theme, you might shop for wall art with forest animals such as fawns or bunnies or nature scenes with mushrooms and pine trees.

Do you want it to be whimsical and playful? Or calming and serene?

Once you've decided on the overall vibe, you can start narrowing down your search. If you want something whimsical, look for art prints with cute jungle animals such as lions and elephants or fantasy creatures like mermaids. For a more calming nursery, choose abstract art, nature scenes or flowers.

If you're not sure what kind of theme you want, think about your favourite childhood toys or books.

Think about the house where you grew up, what are some of your fondest memories from when you were a child? You can use these as inspiration for your theme.

Tip 2: Consider the colours in the room.

Once you've determined the general tone, it's time to think about colour.

You want the wall art to complement the overall colour scheme of the room. If you want to make a bold statement, go for prints or canvas artwork with lots of colour. Use the wall art to add a pop of colour to the room. If your nursery is predominantly white, you might want to choose artwork with brighter colours such as yellows and oranges or shades of pink.

If you want something more subdued, look for art in calming hues such as blues and greens. Consider coastal or ocean-inspired artwork.

If you're not sure what colours will work best, take a look at some nursery inspiration boards on Pinterest.

Gender Neutral Nursery

Photo Credit: @mattigresham via IG

Tip 3: Work out what size your wall art should be and where to hang it.

You don't want the artwork to be too small or too large relative to the other elements in the room.

When it comes to choosing the right size, think about how much wall space you have to work with. Make sure your measure up your room before you start to shop for your kids wall art. You can use this wall art size guide to work out what size would fit best on your walls.

You don't want to hang your wall art just anywhere.

Take some time to consider the best location for each piece. Thinking about things like the natural light in the room and the traffic pattern.

Tip 4: Consider your style.

When you're considering wall art for your kids nursery, it's important to consider your style. What kind of design aesthetic do you prefer? Do you like classic or modern looks? Bright and bold colours or more subdued hues?

If you're not sure, take some time to browse through home décor magazines or websites. With a little bit of inspiration, you'll be able to shop for the perfect art print.


Photo Credit: @istome_store via IG 


Tip 5: Don't forget about the frame!

The frame can make a big difference in the overall look. Choose a frame that compliments the style of the room and the artwork itself.

Purchasing the right frame can make a piece of art-pop, and also helps to protect it from damage.

If you're not sure what kind of frame to choose, take some time to look at different options. You can find frames for your print made out of wood, metal, or even plastic. Consider the overall style of the nursery and choose a frame that compliments it.

Amazing frames don't have to cost the earth. Check out Ikea & Kmart for some fantastic budget buys.

Mermaid Prints on a shelf
Photo Credit: @kellianne.kelly via IG

Tip 6: Get creative and think outside the box.

When you're choosing wall art for your kids, don't be afraid to think outside the box and have some fun.

There are lots of ways to add personal touches. You can use family photos to create a gallery wall, floating shelves to display special books from your childhood, or custom-made signage with your baby's name.

Remember, a nursery is a special place for your little one. So, take your time and choose something that they will love. With a little bit of thought and effort, you can find the perfect piece of art for your baby's nursery.

Still, looking for ideas?

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